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Visual Studio Achievements, now a reality! January 18, 2012 1,458 Comments

A year ago we posted a humorous blog post What if Visual Studio had Achievements?. It received great response which spurred a lot of new discussion about various funny and informative gaming-like achievements. Guys from Microsoft’s Channel 9 took this idea seriously and developed it into a quite real Visual Studio Extension. They’ve launched the […]

Poyomi: Big Summer Update June 13, 2011 316 Comments

Poyomi, our book creation service, has received a lot of new exciting features! You can also read a bit more about its technical background. Accounts You can now register and Sign In to Poyomi. By doing this you can keep track of your books in a single place. Expect more features that will require an […]

ASP.NET MVC, session state and concurrent requests: not what you’d expect September 28, 2010 1,932 Comments

Using ASP.NET’s session storage and management providers for web applications is a no-brainer. User’s preferences, external API access tokens, uploaded documents, you name it, it usually makes sense. We’ll move it into the database when it gets too big, right? Our new photo book creation and printing service, Poyomi (a little tech intro) uses the […]

Poyomi’s architecture: .NET meets NoSQL and AMQP September 21, 2010 264 Comments

Welcome to our first behind the scenes post, an upcoming series of technical articles about Poyomi, our new photobook creation and printing service. Handling lots of incoming photos, processing them and rendering live previews as fast as possible shouldn’t be a problem with todays powerful server configurations, but doing so with good scalability options certainly […]