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What if Visual Studio had Achievements? January 25, 2011

What if Visual Studio supported achievements, just like games on Steam, Xbox or PS3? Bragging to your coworkers about which one you’ve just unlocked, imagine that! Here’s a little proposed list for some of them. .NET / C# flavored, of course.

  • Falling Down – Created a new SharePoint project
  • Job Security – Written a LINQ query with over 30 lines of code
  • The Sword Fighter – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with zero code changes
  • Shotgun Debugging – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with a single character change
  • The Mathematician – Defined 15 local variables with a single character name
  • The Academic – Written 1000 lines of F#
  • Spaghetti Monster – Written a single line with more than 300 characters
  • Wild One – Mixed tabs and spaces for indentation more than 5 times in a single line
  • The Organizer – Created a Solution with more than 50 projects
  • The Portal – Created a circular project dependency
  • The Multitasker – Have more than 50 source files open at the same time
  • The Code Keeper – Uninstalled Resharper because it made you redundant
  • Pasta Chef – Created a class with more than 100 fields, properties or methods
  • Procedural Programmer – Created a method with more than 10 out parameters
  • Steam Powered – Added Visual Studio as a Steam game
  • The Poet – Written a source file with more than 10,000 lines
  • The Enterprise – Build Solution took more than 10 minutes
  • Highway to Hell – Successfully created a WCF service
  • The Explainer – Written a comment with more than 100 words
  • TPS Reports – Created a Crystal Reports Project
  • Rage Quit – ALT+F4 after a failed bug fix
  • Ooooh Shiny – Written 100 extensions methods
  • Look Ma – Written an infinite Fibonacci generator using yield
  • The Engineer – Killed a zombie with The Wrench
  • The Architect – Created 25 Interfaces in a single project
  • The Right Way – Test method is longer than the tested method
  • The Defender – Checked every argument for null exceptions
  • Pokemon Programming – Caught all the exceptions
  • Black Magic – Implemented a RealProxy
  • Gimme back my ASM – Used ILGenerator
  • I’m Sorry – Created a new Visual Basic Project
  • The SEO Expert – ASP.NET MVC Routing table with more than 100 routes
  • The Matrix – Windows Forms with more than 100 controls
  • The Daredevil – UpdatePanels nested more than 3 layers deep
  • Just a Test – Nested multiline C-style comments that caused a compilation error
  • Warm Bath – Successfully consumed a non .NET SOAP web service
  • Old School – Defined more than 100 static objects
  • The Cloner – Copy-pasted more than 50 lines
  • The Dependency – Referenced more than 30 projects
  • Paying the bills – Imported a Visual Basic project
  • First Hit – Included a Codeproject.com library into your project and it actually compiled
  • Paula – Define a firstname field with value Brillant
  • Every Option Considered – Created an enum with more than 30 values

Inspired by Steam Holiday sales and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Odd web coding exposed on the most minimalistic company page possible. Enjoy.

Update: Jeff Sandquist from Microsoft’s Developer Relations told us that they are going to make this happen! Check out their Coding 4 Fun and Channel 9 projects. More details to follow.

Update 2: An extension is now available for Visual Studio!


[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris H., Mattis Kvarnström. Mattis Kvarnström said: #Priceless what if VS 2010 had xbox 360 style achievements? http://j.mp/gZhOJ1 […]

Paul January 25th, 2011

It’s “brillant”, not “brilliant” (only 1 ‘i’). :)

rudi January 25th, 2011

@Paul: Huh, didn’t know that. Ingrained in my mind as Brilliant, even when glancing over the original article. “Corrected” :)

Paul T. January 25th, 2011

Paul, both Dictionary.app and The Google disagree with you:


Dave January 25th, 2011

Paul T., The Daily WTF disagrees with you:


Steve January 25th, 2011
Joey January 25th, 2011

Paul T.: You obviously didn’t get the reference :-)

Paul T. January 25th, 2011

that’s hilarious! my apologies.

Felipe January 25th, 2011

One of the funniest ideas on the Net, hope M$ grab this one!

Josh January 25th, 2011

“The Engineer – Killed a zombie with The Wrench”


Abhishek January 25th, 2011

Where would a java guru fit here?

Tyler Young January 25th, 2011

Love them! I’m sending this out to all the rest of the faculty. You need a “Pigeon-holer” award for using the [Flags] attribute on your enum, then a “Pigeon-stacker” award for storing a bitwise enum with more than 5 values.

PaulB January 25th, 2011

The Daredevil – UpdatePanels nested more than 3 layers deep

Should read..

Inception – UpdatePanels nested more than 3 layers deep

Jonathan January 25th, 2011

I realize the list is satirical but I have to say it … I wouldn’t hire anyone who was proud of most of those achievements.

Cindy Dalfovo January 25th, 2011

This is just SO AWESOME XD

-> Steam Powered – Added Visual Studio as a Steam game
I didn’t even know you could do that xDD Damn, but it would be depressing to see the amount of hours spent on it…

Shant January 25th, 2011

The Oracle – Complete a project without a single line of comment

[…] by rudib to programming [link] [104 comments] reddit: the voice of the internet — news before it happens @ […]

Shant January 25th, 2011

Here’s another :

The Numerologist: Name all your controls: control1, control2, control3, etc…

Vladekk January 25th, 2011

Awesome and very recognizable, esp. Sword Fighter and Warm Bath 😉

Dani DIaz January 25th, 2011

Here is a new one: The Evangelist – Created at least one project for every project type.

csmacnz January 25th, 2011

This is awesome, achievements is such an obvious idea, why hasn’t someone made an VS add-in for this? Maybe when Xbox Live comes to Windows….

Ashamed January 25th, 2011

Another suggestion,
The Janitor – Converted a VB 6 project to VB.NET

Martin January 25th, 2011

Once you get each one of these, post the source. I could learn some new skills by the examples.

RobIII January 25th, 2011

Actually, it could be possible doing most or all of this with a plugin for VS. It’s a shame I’m too busy with stuff to actually sit down and write one myself.

[…] […]

Forrest January 25th, 2011

Rage Quit should be: Alt-F4 after an unsuccessful build.

NoWhereMan January 25th, 2011

Awesome! Please someone go and build an Eclipse plugin for this one 😀

[…] for any programmers out there check this out, made me laugh. What if Visual Studio had achievements? You all know they are true and you would have earned alot of them […]

Deneb January 26th, 2011

I’d definitely program a lot more if this existed!
I know a lot of others wouldn’t though…

Emmanuel Huna January 26th, 2011

>The Janitor – Converted a VB 6 project to VB.NET

Instead, here’s one for my VB.NET peeps:

“The Productive Independent – Converted a VB 6 project to VB.NET and enjoyed it, ignoring uneducated comments” 😉

Good times.

Tim January 26th, 2011

Hilarious, Rudi! The devs here at Vertigo are loving this.

anonymous January 26th, 2011

Did you just revolutionize the programming industry? I can see managers now telling an employee where is your TPS report achievement. The best thing about your descriptions is that most are actually implementable.

Sevki January 26th, 2011

The Daredevil – UpdatePanels nested more than 3 layers deep should be “Check your Totem – UpdatePanels nested more than 3 layers deep”…. but really nice idea

Konstantin January 26th, 2011


My $0.05:

Bard – typed at least 100 keystrokes in sync with the currently playing music.
Keyboard Ninja – sequentially pressed 200 keys from the set “direction arrows, home, end, page up, page down, ctrl, shift, alt”, with no other keys in between.
The Plotter – 50 consecutive lines of code only containing GDI+/System.Drawing calls.
Dark Legacy – implemented a binary COM interface in C# without a type library.
The Potter – created an application that displays a spinning Utah teapot in 3D.

Rob January 26th, 2011

Spock – All project names are Star Trek references.

Zoolander – Project names are arcane animal species.

Black Hole – Millions of lines of code never see production.

Jesse Foster January 26th, 2011

The Troll: Checked in a file where the only thing changed was some other devs initials to your own.

Marry Ayn Rand: Code as cleverly as possible and if other devs cant figure it out, they should be fired.

The Resharpest: Check in a file after the only changes were running Resharper Code Cleanup.

Do the Houdini: Name classes after common design patterns, but do not implement the design patten in them.

This is a fun game.


Bob January 26th, 2011

Where’s the badge for Code Analysis? 😐

The CA1337 – Compiled a large project with no code analysis warnings after spending much time doing so and achieving very little.

circuit_breaker January 26th, 2011

I laughed out loud when I saw brillant. my favorite daily wtf entry ever.

headbiznatch January 26th, 2011

The best part of this is how it displays your knowledge of the stack in some seriously diverse scenarios – you’ve covered some ground, mang. Anybody who uses it will nod and laugh at least once while reading this, probably several times. Much respect.

Chris January 26th, 2011

Adobe Flash Builder should incorporate something like this..

MB January 26th, 2011

Awesome! I’m glad I’m not the only one to ragequit on occasion 😀

How about adding:

“Copy machine: Using copy-paste to insert more than 100 lines at a time”

MB January 26th, 2011

Sorry – totally missed “The Cloner”. /facepalm

[…] Este post é uma tradução de um post hilário. O original está aqui: http://blog.whiletrue.com/2011/01/what-if-visual-studio-had-achievements/ […]

Benxamin January 26th, 2011

No seriously, though. This should be an VS extention.

Anthony Rubalcaba January 26th, 2011

The Ninja – Wrote an empty method and ran it in debug mode with a break point just to use the immediate window then close out the VS.

James P January 26th, 2011

The achievement for opening a new visual basic project should be “IP Tracker” :-)


Dead Nigger storage January 26th, 2011

whats funny is this would actually make people work harder, there would be the office achivement whores. Life should have achievments to encourage people to do better. and you get a LifeScore instead of a GamerScore

Jim Whitehead January 26th, 2011

Loved the list!

Here’s another one:

Xanadu: Created a game in C# using the XNA framework

Jerzy January 26th, 2011

heforget about one:

I’m Idiot– Created a new C Project

antek January 26th, 2011

The Juggler – running multiple instances of VS at the same time 😉

Marko V January 26th, 2011

The Architect of Doom – Hit windows forms control limit (65K) on a single form

I can think of a name January 26th, 2011

Spaghetti Bolognese – Using the goto statement

The Explorer January 26th, 2011

The Explorer – 100% Code coverage.

Luke Palmer January 26th, 2011

Look Ma is dumb. A better one on that topic would be:

Streamer – wrote a recursive iterator method.

[…] What if Visual Studio had Achievements? – An amusing look at what some of the achievements would be in the Visual Studio IDE rewarded you for the good / bad code you write. […]

Benjamin Fedder Jensen January 26th, 2011

“The Mathematician – Defined 15 local variables with a single character name”

That’s just one for me. It annoys the hell out of other developers. But since I base much of my programming on mathematical definitions of algorithms, I find it easier for me to understand, to use the same variables. Only annoyance is that I can’t write greek letters.

s(i, a) = s(i, a) + α * (r * γ * m – s(i,a)) looks beautiful!

rtpHarry January 26th, 2011

Hahaha! This was a great read while I ate my breakfast :)

Matt January 26th, 2011
Adilson January 26th, 2011

Loved it!

The one I loved the most was Falling Down – Created a new SharePoint project

Io Bebe January 26th, 2011

F… EPIC. I wanna implement this 😀

Michael Kingsford Gray January 26th, 2011

Golf Clap!

[…] while loyal blog » What if Visual Studio had Achievements? […]

dude January 26th, 2011

To answer directly the question in the title: What if Visual Studio had achievements… It would be even more bloated, slow and painful to deal with than it is today. Pass.

aTOMIC January 26th, 2011


There you go, use this, its gonna make it cooler.

Johan January 26th, 2011

Love it! The Portal – Created a circular project dependenc – is pretty hard to achieve with VS2010, as it’s not allowed, but one could always edit the project with the result of “error MSB4006: There is a circular dependency in the target dependency graph…” 😀

But that should get you the achievment 😉

And yes, it’s quite possible to create an addin for many of the achievments, but it would involve quite some work both to implement AND to test! (I couldn’t even start working on “Look Ma” :)

Terry Simkin January 26th, 2011

Wow, very cool. Nice to have spare time…. hahaha

Where is Actionscript achievements?


Mike Knowles January 26th, 2011

The Compound Sentence – created a method name containing one or more of the words: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

The Graffiti Artist – added a philosophical, rebellious, provocative, or humorous comment accompanied by ASCII art.

The Name Dropper – made a relevant pop culture reference in the form of a variable, method, or class name.

Eddy January 26th, 2011

Great post! Here are a few more:

The Hungarian – Name your variables and controls: strbldOut, btnButton1, etc.
Godlike – Check “Disable all warnings” in the Compiler tab of your project.
The Daredevil – Generate inline SQL statements from user input.
The Validator – Override the JavaScript “__V()” function in an ASP.NET project.

Ali January 26th, 2011

Cool list. Got some more:

Wormhole – Deliver a project ahead of schedule.
Budgeteer – Deliver a project while staying under budget.
I Speak Many Tongues – Create a solution with multiple projects that each use a different language.
Doc Master – Write comments for every class, interface, method, and variable. Even private ones.
Assemble This! – Write a project all in MSIL.

Remko Seelig January 26th, 2011

The Archivist – Added 10 projects to source control

Patrick Timmons January 26th, 2011

Globe Trotter – Implemented 20 different languages into an application
Wild Globe Trotter – Implemented 20 different languages into an application without using any built in methods
Resourceful – Actually created a working resource DLL using VB
Overloaded – Create a method with more that 10 overloads

And to expand on Antek’s…
The Virtual Juggler – Running multiple instances of VS at the same time in multiple Virtual Machines

Flip January 26th, 2011

Clone wars – create a project from scratch with nothing more than copy/paste

Jecxjo January 26th, 2011

Rage Quit should really be “Kill Visual Studio after a failed bug fix, via Task Manager” Take it down from the knees.

[…] While True blog recently posted an interesting article: What if Visual Studio had Achievements?, a fantastic play on the achievement system that quite a number of modern video games […]

JonCloud January 26th, 2011

Prototype – Create over 100 Console Applications

[…] Story: What if the IDE had Achievements?) This entry was posted in web2.0 and tagged badges, humor, programming. Bookmark the […]

gandaum January 26th, 2011


Telling a story – Created a method longer then 100 lines.
Epic tale – Created a method longer then 300 lines.

John January 26th, 2011

Spelunker – Step through 200 lines of code and into 10 method calls without hitting a breakpoint.

[…] […]

rei January 26th, 2011

My achievements…

Job Security – Written a LINQ query with over 30 lines of code
The Sword Fighter – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with zero code changes
Shotgun Debugging – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with a single character change
The Mathematician – Defined 15 local variables with a single character name
The Academic – Written 1000 lines of F#
Spaghetti Monster – Written a single line with more than 300 characters
Wild One – Mixed tabs and spaces for indentation more than 5 times in a single line
The Multitasker – Have more than 50 source files open at the same time
The Code Keeper – Uninstalled Resharper because it made you redundant
Pasta Chef – Created a class with more than 100 fields, properties or methods
Steam Powered – Added Visual Studio as a Steam game
The Poet – Written a source file with more than 10,000 lines
The Enterprise – Build Solution took more than 10 minutes
Highway to Hell – Successfully created a WCF service
The Explainer – Written a comment with more than 100 words
TPS Reports – Created a Crystal Reports Project
Rage Quit – ALT+F4 after a failed bug fix
Ooooh Shiny – Written 100 extensions methods
Look Ma – Written an infinite Fibonacci generator using yield
The Architect – Created 25 Interfaces in a single project
The Right Way – Test method is longer than the tested method
The Defender – Checked every argument for null exceptions
Pokemon Programming – Caught all the exceptions
Gimme back my ASM – Used ILGenerator
I’m Sorry – Created a new Visual Basic Project
The Daredevil – UpdatePanels nested more than 3 layers deep
Just a Test – Nested multiline C-style comments that caused a compilation error
Warm Bath – Successfully consumed a non .NET SOAP web service
Old School – Defined more than 100 static objects
The Cloner – Copy-pasted more than 50 lines
Paying the bills – Imported a Visual Basic project
First Hit – Included a Codeproject.com library into your project and it actually compiled
Every Option Considered – Created an enum with more than 30 values

JookyDFW January 26th, 2011

Hillarious. But this one does not compute:

Wild One – Mixed tabs and spaces for indentation more than 5 times in a single line

Don’t normally have tabs and spaces on a single line but maybe that was your point.

JookyDFW January 26th, 2011

OCD – Check in code after doing nothing more than reformatting to your indentation standards.

Jeff Sandquist January 26th, 2011

Hi there,

My team creates Channel 9 and Coding 4 Fun at Microsoft.


We’ve been talking about creating an add-in for Visual Studio for a little while that does bring achievements to the proiduct. We love that you all love the idea too, so we’re going to go make it happen.

We’ll follow up more with specifics and look forward to getting this up and running soon with your ideas.


Senior Director, Developer Relations

Chris B January 26th, 2011

I’d like to add some achievements to the list:

“The Yes Man” – Write a class that has 5 or more empty catch{} blocks.

“Going in Blind” – Write and publish a Console Application that uses an API that is not installed on your local machine.

“…And The Kitchen Sink” – Publish a Web Application with all files including source code.

Gary Stafford January 26th, 2011

Brilliant. Funny. Sadly, I’ve earned a few!

Frederik Grue-Sørensen January 26th, 2011

If only the achievements guided you towards better coding, or getting to know Visual Studio / .net / c# better this would make sense as a way of showing what kind of stuff you have looked into.
Simply having 50 source files open at once is nuts :-)
‘Achievements’ for developers are certifications I guess.

rei January 26th, 2011

@Jeff Sandquist,

Awesome, but I’m a little worried that some people are going to start “farming” achievements in their projects…

Richard Karl January 27th, 2011

“Event driver”: add more than 30 events to one control

Jeff Sandquist January 27th, 2011

@rei – we’ll do our best to ensure people earn achievements fairly.

Nilesh Pradhan January 27th, 2011

The Chopstick Samurai: One who becomes proficient at using chopsticks to gulp down the inherited spaghetti code.

[…] então que um blog resolveu imaginar como seria se existissem conquistas no Visual Studio. São mais de quarenta […]

Br.Bill January 27th, 2011

How about:

The Linguist: Built and ran a project that contains C#, F#, VB, C, C++, IronPython, IronRuby, and Assembler.

The SuperLinguist: Add any other 3 languages.

Alex January 27th, 2011

The Dinosaur: Created a Win32 C console application project.

Ceidz January 27th, 2011

@Jeff AWESOME !!!!!!

27 января 2011 | January 27th, 2011

[…] 1. Подвиги, которые следует записывать пользующихся VS (What… […]

Leonardo Ferreira January 27th, 2011

Darwin in Action: Convert a Project from a previous version of VS
Darwin Master: Convert a Solution with more then 5 projects from a previous version of VS without errors or warnings

Team Worker: Create a project on TFS

In case of a power Failure: Map every project in your TFS to your local machine

[…] This points to a blog post that mused, “What if Visual Studio Had Achievements?”: […]

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jeff Sandquist, Johan Danforth. Johan Danforth said: Great, @jeffsand (Jeff Sandquist) says they will make an achievments addin for visual studio http://bit.ly/gwuSHt #coding4fun […]

[…] VS Achievements – rudi […]

Rick January 27th, 2011

Caps Locker – compiled a C# application using 5 variables with the same name in different casings.

Neilson Marcil January 27th, 2011

Based on the The Dinosaur, another one:

Jurassic Park – Deployed successfully a Win32 C console application in production environment

Merennulli January 27th, 2011

@Leonardo Ferreira
How does Darwin figure into it? VS project conversion has gone smoothly in 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010 for me. Last time I had a problem with it was VS.NET/7.

Or are you confusing Darwin’s natural selection with evolution?

[…] 0 This post is simple superb – What if Visual Studio had Achievements […]

Dave January 28th, 2011

My brother and I thought up a bunch of Visual Studio Achievements a couple of years ago, you can see them here: http://fu-news.blogspot.com/2009/03/you-know-what-visual-studio-really.html

My name for catching all the exceptions was “Gold Glove”.

[…] @Reddit – what if Visual Studio had Achievements? http://blog.whiletrue.com/2011/01/what-if-visual-studio-had-achievements/ Whoops […]

Leslie January 28th, 2011

strong-willed – Rebuild a previously failed solution three times, without any modification in it.

[…] então que um blog resolveu imaginar como seria se existissem conquistas no Visual Studio. São mais de quarenta […]

Julia January 28th, 2011

Advanced Juggler – Running multiple instances of *multiple versions of* VS at the same time in multiple Virtual Machines

Witek January 28th, 2011

This need to be implmeneted Seriously!

DaveKH January 28th, 2011

Magic-maker – 5 or more magic numbers in a method
Origami Sensei – 10+ regions in a single class
Rain man – Have more abstract classes and interfaces than callable classes in a solution

Ace January 30th, 2011

This is a great idea. Please do it and let it go on my live id. I can’t wait.

Spoike January 31st, 2011

I think it’s a great idea that Visual Studio has achievements. However, the achievements should not encourage bad behaviour. We don’t need programmers do bad code, we want them to do good code.

The reason why there is Office Hero was to teach the users functionality they otherwise would miss. Achievements for VS should do this as well, so that the user can write good code and try out language or IDE features that users miss outon.

[…] This post is simple superb – What if Visual Studio had Achievements […]

[…] Dan’s pick: Gorazd Breskvar – Visual Studio Achievements and we’re building an add-in + service for […]

Steve January 31st, 2011


its “Brilliant” not Brillant… you suck!

[…] parodies are always amusing; here is on for Visual Studio — what would the Selenium ones look […]

Josh February 3rd, 2011

The Table Flipper – Delete an entire solution after a failed bug fix.

Raymond Musa February 3rd, 2011

The Speller – Write 1000 lines that compile without Intellisense activated.

[…] What if Visual Studio had Achievements? from While True – As a gamer, this post was just too good to pass up. The idea is what kind of “achievements”, just like with games, should Visual Studio have? I’d suggest a few additions, such as “Tap the Phones” for successfully opening an Intellitrace log. From the comments “I realize the list is satirical but I have to say it…I wouldn’t hire anyone who was proud of most of those achievements.” Well, Mr. Way-Too-Serious, add me to the list of those who wouldn’t want to go work for you. […]

Fiard February 3rd, 2011

“Hotkey master” – used more than 40 different hotkeys;
“Macro man” – written more than 20 macros functions.

Kelly February 3rd, 2011

The Necromancer — Converted a VS2003 .Net 1.1 project to VS2010 .Net 4.0 (with stops at VS2005 and VS2008 along the way)

DanW52 February 6th, 2011

C’mon! I’ve done some of this stuff in Access!

UpUpDownDown February 6th, 2011

So any word from the MS or the Channel 9 guys? I searched Coding 4 Fun and Channel 9. Didn’t see anything.

Oldtaku February 7th, 2011

Lost in the Wilderness – Cursed for the 1000th time the lack of sane Makefile support after spending another half an hour searching every property node and configuration dialog to see where some stupid option is being set for this solution.

PJ February 7th, 2011

The Flat Earth Society – refuses to use a data access layer or sql command object and insists on putting “exec proc param1,param2” or “select….” sql calls in-line in code.

[…] from: while true blog Tags: C# comedy republished Category: Republished […]

@Lab « Tech Tock February 8th, 2011

[…] What if Visual Studio had Achievements? […]

Jens February 10th, 2011

# Mentalist – Define an object ‘geller’ of type Uri

[…] ¿Y si hubieran extendido este invento a la próxima versión de su IDE, por ejemplo? En While true han intentado imaginar esta curiosa realidad paralela, o quizás futuro próximo, con un poco de […]

Chad Myers February 26th, 2011

How about:

From Budapest With Love (aka The Hungarian): Over 80% of your variable names start with a three-letter type abbreviation (i.e. btnSave, intAge, mnyPayment)


MichaelPaulukonis March 1st, 2011

The RMS (aka “the Emacser”) — coded and built entire project without touching the mouse

[…] to Eclipse, similar to Steam, Xbox or Playstation achievements. I got the idea for that from this post. The project structure will be like […]

[…] of Duty Style Achievements (In a resume!) Guess, what. It's coming to VISUAL STUDIO!! Source: http://blog.whiletrue.com/2011/01/wh…-achievements/ What if Visual Studio supported achievements, just like games on Steam, Xbox or PS3? Bragging […]

herpderp April 12th, 2011

One for C++:

Reinventing the wheel – Pointlessly make your own dynamic array instead of using vector.

[…] Text:http://blog.whiletrue.com/2011/01/what-if-visual-studio-had-achievements/ Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter ASMLINQVisual BasicVisual Studio […]

[…] might be a VS Ribbon Hero sooner than expected. In a comment to the amazingly funny article “What if Visual Studio had achievements“, Jeff Sandquist wrote the following on January 26th 2011: Hi there, My team creates Channel […]

Tim Dams May 17th, 2011

Great post. It actually gave me inspiration in trying to integrate this in my programming courses. Thx!

[…] *ссылка *dev *прекрасное blog.whiletrue.com What if Visual Studio supported achievements? This entry was posted in juick and tagged juick. […]

Yelinna June 21st, 2011

You forgot:
The Interleaver: Interleaved more than 50 lines of code with commented lines
The Parametizer: Created a method with more than 10 non optional parameters

MadGnome's lair June 26th, 2011

[…] time ago I have read a funny blog post on “What if Visual Studio had Achievements” and thought that something like that in JIRA would be fun. As I am a gamer at heart, the […]

Sam July 8th, 2011


The Sailor – Included more than one curse word in your code.

Frankie July 19th, 2011

LOL. Thank you – this totally made my day!

lewax00 July 22nd, 2011

Just added Visual Studio to Steam. XD

Tim Dams August 15th, 2011

For those interested, an actual program is seeing the daylight that exactly does this: earn achievements, steam-like, in visual studio :) http://timdams.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/strokes-achievements-while-programming/

Nicky September 2nd, 2011

I read this thread a few months back, check link below, our prayers have been heard 😉


[…] goes on and on… For example imagine a world where visual studio actually had Achievements { What if Visual Studio had Achievements (I would have almost all of those by the way)}, there would be clout to be had for achieving some […]

[…] dem 2011er geben wird, wo man solche Fun-achievements während dem Programmieren erreichen kann ) Quelle What if Visual Studio supported achievements, just like games on Steam, Xbox or PS3? Bragging to […]

[…] fact funny might differ a bit), especially the “What if Visual Studio had Achievements” post was a great inspiration. Lots of new achievements and […]

[…] recently, a post on the developer blog “While True” raised a similar idea, “What if Visual Studio had Achievements?“. This sparked a popular reddit thread which the powers at Microsoft’s developer […]

[…] Channel 9 team created the Visual Studio Achievements extension after reading a post by Rudi on the While True blog and the subsequent discussion on Reddit. Rudi’s post outlined a […]

[…] What if Visual Studio had Achievements? […]

[…] your own mashups and apps.GenesisWe have to give props to the blog While True, whose blog post What If Visual Studio Had Achievements inspired us to go build this. That post spawned a reddit post that is the thread which started it […]

SK January 19th, 2012

Why would i want to slow down my ide just to get achievement points?

[…] propsy idą do autorów bloga While True, którzy umieścili na nim post o wymownym tytule „What if Visual Studio had Avhievements?”, podając jednocześnie kilkadziesiąt własnych propozycji osiągnięć. Sprawa nabrała rozpędu […]

[…] Channel 9 team created the Visual Studio Achievements extension after reading a post by Rudi on the While True blog and the subsequent discussion on Reddit. Rudi’s post outlined […]

[…] Facebook 和 Twitter 朋友共享。该项目是受到了去年一月一位 Visual Studio 用户帖子的启发,共有 32 […]

Hans January 19th, 2012

Want to have it in any Software..


“The Manager – Create 50 Masterslides” …

“The Informer – Answer all in 30 E-Mails” …
“The Spy – Use BCC 10 more then 10 times”

It would be so much win :)

Richard Kennard January 19th, 2012

Can I claim prior art?

3 years ago I posted this blog as a joke: http://blog.kennardconsulting.com/2008/12/new-features-in-eclipse-35.html

[…] Visual Studio Achievements – 寫程式開成就 Posted on 20 January, 2012 by 達MiNG 對打機既人o黎講,”開成就”(Achievements)絕對唔會陌生。 一年前,有人戲言如果Visual Studio有Achievements會包含什麼? What if Visual Studio had Achievements?,Reddit上亦有很多人討論。引起Microsoft有關部門注意,並提出落實開發成就功能。 […]

[…] Channel 9 crew&nbspcreated the Visible Studio Achievements extension after studying a post by Rudi on the Although Correct website and the subsequent talk on Reddit. Rudi&rsquos post […]

[…] do realize that Visual Studio 2010 isn’t, of course, a game. Inspired by a blog post early last year, and after a period of beta testing, Microsoft has created an extension for its IDE […]

[…] Channel 9 created the plug-in after reading a post by Rudi, who had humorously come up with the idea and outlined various mock achievements, over at the While True blog. […]

[…] Channel 9 team created the Visual Studio Achievements extension after reading a post by Rudi on the While True blog and the subsequent discussion on Reddit. Rudi’s post outlined a […]

[…] в Visual Studio Год назад пробегал топик, мол, а что если сделать в Visual Studio ачивки как в MMO? И вот, […]

[…] Channel 9 team created a Visual Studio Achievements prolongation after reading a post by Rudi on a While True blog and a successive contention on Reddit. Rudi’s post summarized a […]

[…] Channel 9 team created a Visual Studio Achievements prolongation after reading a post by Rudi on a While True blog and a successive contention on Reddit. Rudi’s post summarized a […]

[…] idea for the Visual Studio Achievments was inspired from a blog post over a year ago and a thread on Reddit with over 500 comments. The feedback was positive and it appeared that […]

[…] from outside the company. Rudi Benkovič, a platform developer at HP’s MagCloud printing arm, suggested the idea with a blog post in January of last year. Benkovič is a Visual Studio user, but he and […]

Hideki Ikeda January 24th, 2012

Loved it!

The Cleaner: Fixed 200+ compiler warnings in less than an hour
The Horder: Has 10+ Visual Studio add-ons

[…] from outside the company. Rudi Benkovič, a platform developer at HP’s MagCloud printing arm, suggested the idea with a blog post in January of last year. Benkovič is a Visual Studio user, but he and […]

[…] from outside the company. Rudi Benkovič, a platform developer at HP’s MagCloud printing arm, suggested the idea with a blog post in January of last year. Benkovič is a Visual Studio user, but he and […]

[…] What if Visual Studio had Achievements? Tags: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Add-Ins Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) Leave a comment Trackback […]

[…] It came from outward a company. Rudi Benkovič, a height developer during HP’s MagCloud copy arm, suggested a thought with a blog post in Jan of final year. Benkovič is a Visual Studio user, though he and […]

[…] Het leuke is dat de achievements plug-in voor Visual Studio gebaseerd is op een  humoristisch blog artikel van een ontwikkelaar. […]

Jake March 14th, 2012

A good developer writes less code, not more.
So you should get all the achievements when first starting VS, and they should vanish as you type :)

[…] March 29, 2012 by louisila In a previous post and subsequent communications I had mentioned a joke link I found on gamification of Visual Studio you can read about that here, but more importantly you […]

[…] Studio Achievements: Early last year, a blog post with a list of potential Visual Studio achievements was published. About one year later it is reality and provides a whole bunch of […]

Microsoft Says: April 26th, 2012

[…] January, a great question was posed by a developer in the Channel 9 community who asked “What if Visual Studio had achievements?” on his While True blog. The community conversation sparked by the blog post as well as the […]

[…] January, a good doubt was acted by a developer in a Channel 9 village who asked “What if Visual Studio had achievements?” on his While True blog. The village review sparked by a blog post as good as a Reddit post […]

[…] January, a great question was posed by a developer in the Channel 9 community who asked “What if Visual Studio had achievements?” on his While True blog. The community conversation sparked by the blog post as well as the […]

[…] January, a great question was posed by a developer in the Channel 9 community who asked “What if Visual Studio had achievements?” on his While True blog. The community conversation sparked by the blog post as well as the […]

[…] January, a great question was posed by a developer in the Channel 9 community who asked “What if Visual Studio had achievements?” on his While True blog. The community conversation sparked by the blog post as well as the […]

[…] originally came from a developer in the Channel 9 community. Last January, Rudi asked “What if Visual Studio had achievements?” on his While True blog. The community conversation sparked by the blog post and a […]

[…] January, a great question was posed by a developer in the Channel 9 community who asked “What if Visual Studio had achievements?” on his While True blog. The community conversation sparked by the blog post as well as the […]

[…] idea of Visual Studio Achievements came from customers, in this case a blog post by a developer, What If Visual Studio Had Achievements? The post was picked up on Reddit and there was an outpouring of ideas from legions of developers, […]

Fabian Fernandez July 5th, 2012

I can’t stop laughing!!!

[…] have to give props to the blog While True, whose blog post What If Visual Studio Had Achievements inspired us to go build this. That post spawned a reddit post that is the thread which started it […]

Alexandre August 29th, 2012

After seeing this I had to go and add VS on Steam…

[…] What if Visual Studio had Achievements? […]

iuampfok April 10th, 2013

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La raison pour laquelle Air Jordans 茅taient 脿 l’origine 茅tait de fournir une chaussure de basket-ball de soutien, mais l茅gerLorsqu’il est port茅 avec les jambes nues ou de la peau collants color茅s, ils donnent une ligne ininterrompue de la jambe jusqu’au pied faisant le porteur para卯tre plus grand et plus minceAu d茅but du 20e si猫cle, John, Roger et Alice Clark r茅pondre 脿 l’茅volution des modes en pr锚tant une attention particuli猫re au d茅veloppement de chaussures pour femmes [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl13/ima.asp?id=531]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl13/ima.asp?id=531[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl9/ima.asp?id=39]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl9/ima.asp?id=39[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl12/ima.asp?id=129]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl12/ima.asp?id=129[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl14/ima.asp?id=527]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl14/ima.asp?id=527[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl9/ima.asp?id=63]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl9/ima.asp?id=63[/url]
Et, si possible, les lacets doivent 锚tre nettoy茅es pendant une p茅riode de tempsDans l’environnement humide, les chaussures peuvent corrompre, les chaussures qui sont sous le soleil de plomb pour un temps assez long de se d茅former et changer le visageC’est pourquoi lorsque vous achetez des chaussures que vous devez compter sur la marque se d茅placent alors vers l’avant 脿 la fa莽on dont elle vous convient [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl8/ima.asp?id=210]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl8/ima.asp?id=210[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl14/ima.asp?id=426]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl14/ima.asp?id=426[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl12/ima.asp?id=252]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl12/ima.asp?id=252[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl11/ima.asp?id=69]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl11/ima.asp?id=69[/url] [url=http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl11/ima.asp?id=62]http://www.gsahda.org/images/nfl11/ima.asp?id=62[/url]
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Why was South Florida football coach Jim Leavitt fired
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Click to enlarge

University of South Florida head coach Jim Leavitt lifts the trophy after South Florida defeated Northern Illinois 273 to win the International Bowl NCAA college football game in Toronto on Jan. 2.

Leavitt, the only coa

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Backyard Leaves Scarf

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Stick to radio

Fresh from helping South Africa to World Cup glory, Ed bottes ugg femmes die Jones yesterday literally laughed off suggestions Alan Jones should be reinstated as Wallabies head coach.

QRU chairman Peter Lewis has backed Alan Jones’ return after John Connolly’s departure after a pathetic World Cup

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Cat carrier on Squidoo

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Positive And Negative Reinforcement

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Previewing Lakers

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The Times Mark Heisler argues that the New York Knicks are far from a championship contender.

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vivienne westwood punkature

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No settlement reached yet in Kardashian divorce ca louis vuitton handbags se

Lawyers did not reach a settlement after negotiations that were attended by Kim Kardashian. She was flanked by deputies as she left the courthouse shortly around noon.

The reality star wants a divorce to end her 72day marriage to Humphries,

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ainsi que la bobine basic.Hermes Want couché sur foulards Hermès pourrait exister un espoir beau conçu pour tous avec chaque brève histoire female.A la majorité typiquement relié à sacs de créateurs se déroule business.Once descriptive qui souhaitent[url=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/info.php?pid=39]Sac Longchamp Cosmos Prix[/url] passer un peu d’argent sur une unité coutume réelle Fendi vous avez un nombre important vous pourriez choose.In outre, ils peuvent être réels étant donné[url=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/info.php?pid=36]Sac Longchamp[url=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/info.php?pid=38]Sac Cosmo Longchamp Occasion[/url] Cosmos Occasion[/url] que les signatures de type sont généralement pas entravé par l’aide. Foremerly tous les vêtements de travail correctif contient simple oblongue modèles qui en fait ont été développés tidily qui va ainsi s’engager à un engouement récurrent qui malheureusement tourné à se qualifier pour la fin develop.Did pas long chacune et chacun a poursuivi en 1854 le dernier instant Vuitton a créé un individu est d’abord mis de côté présente dans Paris, France.

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EmpathizePlease observe that My partner and i failed to

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This individual didn’t mentioned which he’d been on the particular doomed plane, which usually plummeted into the seashore near Nantucket Island although en route to Cairo from New York. “We work with EgyptAir to try to assist the families with the notice process,” he said. “At the moment we’re can not get everything with each other.” Robert Boyle, executive director of the Port Authority, which manages the airport, confirmed that McLaughlin was on the plane and also was workingfor EgyptAir.”We think he’s the only person who departed,” Boyle said.(D)1999 The Related Press. All Privileges Reserved. 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Also Sunday, law enforcement officials continued interviewing manufacturer officials and others which might shed light on just what went wrong. Friday, the ATF and other government bodies are scheduled to assemble physical evidence on the scene, Fedorak said. The particular blast occurred regarding 80 miles south west of Detroit and 15 miles north of the Michigan-Ohio line. Twenty-two people were operating at Independence Skilled Fireworks when the explosion transpired. Fifteen escaped serious injury. Danny Carr, the husband of Joyce Ann Carr, 52, one of several 7 still shown as missing, explained the factory personnel cared for each other as being a family. “They would bring the other cakes on their birthday celebration. Everybody was close,Inch Carr told the Detroit Totally free Press. “She really appreciated it.”
[url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/doudoune-moncler-gene-noir-p-51.html]veste moncler pas cher[/url] President Bush Tuesday took responsibility for government failures in working with Hurricane Katrina and said the disaster raised broader questions regarding the government’s ability to react to natural disasters as well as terror attacks.”Katrina exposed serious problems in your response capability at all numbers of government,” Mr. Bush said at joint White House news conference using the president of Iraq. “And for the extent that the federal government didn’t fully do its job right, I take responsibility.”I want to know what went right along with what went wrong. I want to understand how to better cooperate with local and state government, to be able to answer that very question which you asked, ‘Are we capable of handling a severe attack or another severe storm?'”In other developments:The modern acting head of FEMA, R. David Paulison, pledged Tuesday to accentuate efforts to finding more permanent housing to the tens of thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors now in shelters. “We’re buying people out of the shelters, we are going to move on and get them the exact help they need,” he said, in the first public comments since using the job. Paulison has three decades of firefighting experience as well as a background in emergency management.Paulison replaces Mike Brown, who resigned Monday after events of criticism over what some said would be a slow and ineffective a reaction to Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.The bodies of more than 40 mostly elderly patients put together in a flooded-out hospital in the biggest known cluster of corpses being discovered so far in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans. The precise circumstances under which they died were unclear. The announcement raised Louisiana’s official death toll to nearly 280.Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the relief operation was entering a new phase.Initially, he said, the key priority was evacuating people, getting them to safety, providing food, water and medical treatment.”Now we have to reconstitute the communities which have been devastated,” Chertoff added.He stated the federal government would look increasingly to convey and local officials for guidance on rebuilding the devastated communities down the Gulf Coast.”The federal government can’t drive permanent solutions along the throats of state and local officials,” Chertoff said. “I don’t believe anyone should envision a predicament in which they’re going to take a back seat. They are going to take a front seat,” he stated.Chertoff said that teams of federal auditors were definitely dispatched to the stricken areas to ensure that billions of dollars worth of government contracts were being properly spent.”We want to get make it possible to the people who need it quickly … but we have a responsibility as stewards of the public money,” Chertoff said.”We’re gonna cut through red tape,” he stated, “but we’re not going to cut through laws and rules that govern ethics.” no previous page next 1/2 [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/doudoune-moncler-zin-homme-noir-p-214.html]doudoun moncler femme[/url] The Ohio doctor dramatically evacuated on Saturday from America’s South Pole scientific base by a U.S. Air Force plane confirmed she’d breast cancer but pleaded for privacy.Dr. Jerri Nielsen said in a statement Tuesday, “The diagnosis of cancer of the breast has been confirmed and I will undergo treatment. My spirit is strong.””My heartfelt thanks go out to my South Pole friends, colleagues and also the general public for their encouragement as well as wishes during my ordeal,” Nielsen said in their own statement, which was released from the NSF. “This is all of the information We are prepared to release at this time. Once more I ask that you honor mine and my family’s request privacy; therefore, we will not grant interviews. I realize you will respect our wishes and I appreciate your support,” Nielsen added.Nielsen has returned to her home in Youngstown, Ohio, southeast of Cleveland.The crew of the U.S. Air Force’s C130 Hercules with Nielsen upon their return to Christchurch. Nielsen, 47, found a lump in their breast in June, raising fears of cancer, together been treating herself since then – including using drugs came by parachute in the dark polar winter in July, in a mission documented by CBS News.Nielsen performed her own biopsy and then e-mailed photographs of slide samples to doctors inside the U.S. Despite her illness Nielsen kept busy with her duties up until she left the South Pole, said her sister-in-law, Diana Cahill.”She did not have time to focus on her condition in any respect. She’s a very giving person,” Cahill said. The special, ski-equipped U.S. military plane. Major George McAllister, who flew the rescue plane, recalled, “It was quite a jubilant crowd seeing her far from the South Pole.””It was actually exciting as we taxied up and the wind is blowing the ones are all bundled up. Everybody just started jumping along,” McAllister told CBS News Correspondent Jerry Bowen.Theirs was the first flight ever to the absolute bottom worldwide. “This was a special mission for all of us,” explained Col. Graham Pritchard, mission commander, 109th Air National Guard. She had to wait for months to be rescued, because the weather was too severe for virtually any aircraft to land on the South Pole during the dark Antarctic winter. [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/doudoune-moncler-gene-kaki-p-50.html]moncler veste[/url] Proclaiming the Homeland Security Department “open to switch,” Secretary Michael Chertoff on Wednesday announced intends to centralize his agency’s terror analysis, convey a higher priority on bioterrorism and enhance detection systems in mass transit.In welcome news to Washington-area commuters, the department also will lift a rule that forbade passengers from leaving their seats for 30 minutes before flying into or away from Reagan National Airport, Chertoff said in revealing the facts of a sweeping overhaul of the 2-year-old agency founded in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.”It’s the sole noticeable easing of a security rule announced by Chertoff,” reports CBS News Correspondent Peter Maer. Aides indicate he is still considering the future of the color-coded terror alert system, Maer added.Chertoff ordered the review in March, after that he took office, to make sure Homeland Security puts most of its resources into the nation’s most vulnerable areas.”Over time, as intelligence warrants and progress allows, DHS will likely be open to change. We will be straight forward. If something goes wrong, we will not only acknowledge it, we’ll be the first to fix the error,” Chertoff told a packed ballroom of lawmakers, department employees and other officials.Chertoff opened his speech offering condolences on the British people after the London bombings. He didn’t give any specifics about his intend to put explosives, bioterror, chemical or radioactive material detection systems from the nation’s rail, subway and bus systems.He also renewed his pitch to retool terror-watch lists used to screen passengers on airline flights to eliminate what he called “an unacceptably lot of false positives.”Chertoff said america needs to improve its immigration system included in bolstering border security. The department will deploy more personnel and technology at borders to deter illegal immigrants from entering the nation, Chertoff said a newly approved temporary worker program will help migrants seeking jobs in the United States “into regulated legal channels.”He said he and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has decided to announce plans to ease visa hassles for foreigners entering the continent to visit, work and study. no previous page next 1/3 [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/moncler-pas-cher-moncler-hat-mode-rouge-p-288.html]doudoune moncler femmes[/url] A Texas Democrat who is losing his House seat as a consequence of redistricting engineered by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is filing ethics complaints up against the Republican leader.Rep. Chris Bell is charging that DeLay, R-Texas, provided legislative favors into a company that made campaign contributions to obstruct and other Republicans, laundered other corporate donations to illegally help Texas GOP candidates and improperly used his office in asking the government Aviation Administration to track down an exclusive plane used by Texas Democrats.”The charges are incredibly serious and well documented,” said Bell’s spokesman, Eric Burns.DeLay, with a news conference Tuesday, discounted the complaints as frivolous, saying Bell was bitter about losing his seat. “To misuse or use the ethics committee for political purposes demeans your home, undermines our ability as an institution to keep the people’s business,” he stated. “It creates personal animosities that I think are really unfortunate.”Bell’s charges is the first filed against a House leader since the ethics committee used a case against former Speaker Newt Gingrich in 1997 that caused his decision to leave office. Ever since then there has been an unspoken truce forwards and backwards parties on filing ethics complaints.Bell’s complaints center around three issues: first are memos from Kansas-based Westar Energy, developed in 2002, implying that donations of $56,500 to political committees connected with DeLay and other Republicans would win the business benefits in the crafting of legislation.Second, Bell states that the Texans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee manufactured by DeLay had given $190,000 in corporate donations for the Republican National Committee, which in turn gave that cash to Texas GOP candidates, an action that could be illegal under Texas law.Third, he states DeLay abused his office in asking the FAA to locate the plane thought to are already used by Democrats who last year left the state to prevent Republicans in Austin from approving a controversial redistricting plan supported by DeLay and favoring Republicans.That plan was eventually approved and Bell, a freshman, saw his district placed in a new district that was heavily Democrat but a great deal more racially diverse, with whites comprising only 21 percent. Bell, that’s white, was defeated within the Democratic primary by former Houston NAACP president Al Green.Burns said that Bell had made the decision to produce the complaint on his own. He explained Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders were notified, but would not influence his decision.The ethics committee, or Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, has five legislative days or 14 calendar days to determine whether the complaint meets criteria internet marketing considered. If it is accepted for consideration, the chairman and top Democrat about the committee have 45 calendar days to produce a recommendation to the committee, establish an investigative subcommittee or obtain more time. [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/doudoune-moncler-cobaye-femme-purple-p-113.html]veste moncler femme pas cher[/url] After months spent focusing on a monetary crisis that nearly bankrupted the nation, there are ominous signs in Russia of the political crisis, reports CBS News Correspondent Jeffrey Koffman.The murder of the outspoken liberal member of parliament this weekend by two masked gunmen in St. Petersburg could mark a deadly beginning to next year’s election campaign, that may pit Communists against democrats.Galina Starovoitova developed a career out of her contempt for Communism and defense of democracy and individual liberty. “Nobody can produce a real compromise with the Communists because they will deceive you,” she once said.In the event the tanks rolled into Moscow within the attempted coup by hardline Communists in 1991, it absolutely was Starovoitova who helped rally support for Boris Yeltsin. Recently, as liberals lost seats from the parliament she became a lonely — but loud — advocate for democratic principles.Only this month, she lead your time and effort to censure a senior communist deputy for anti-Jewish remarks.”The shots which tore away the life span of Galina Starovoitova wounded every Russian exactly who democratic principals are dear,” says Oleg Sysuyev, a guide to President Boris Yeltsin.Police haven’t confirmed that was a political murder, however, many liberals don’t need the police to confirm the things they already know: politics in this country can be a dangerous business. Since the Duma, the Russian parliament, was established in 1993, six deputies have been murdered. This weekend’s murder was the other this year. [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/moncler-pas-cher-moncler-hat-knit-blanc-p-284.html]magasin doudoune moncler[/url] Yahoo! Inc. is rolling out a souped-up google search Monday in a bid to supplant its business partner, Google, because the most popular place to find things on the Internet.With the revisions, Yahoo believes its google search will provide more useful information than Google’s and become simpler to use. The rebuilt version will combine Google’s index with Yahoo’s customized services spanning sports, driving directions and weather reports.”We think this really is going to change the game a little,” said Jeff Weiner, Yahoo’s senior v . p . of search and marketplace. “This is the first of many steps toward reinforcing our leadership in the marketplace.”Google declined to comment on Yahoo’s new google search.Battle lines clearly are now being drawn between the companies, said Danny Sullivan, editor of the marketplace newsletter Search Engine Watch.”They shall be duking it out,” Sullivan predicted. “Clearly, Yahoo would like to keep more people from going over to Google to search and even perhaps bring back some of the people that have previously left.”Toppling Google defintely won’t be easy. In just five years, Google is now synonymous with online searching.Yahoo played an important role in Google’s rise. After encouraging Google to create its search engine, Yahoo raised the startup’s profile nearly 36 months ago by licensing Google’s software to operate the searches on its popular online portal.According to the industry newsletter, Google handles typically 112 million searches a day and Yahoo handles about 42 million. Almost all of Yahoo’s results are generated by Google’s software.With its success, Google has introduced other services, for example news and shopping pages, that traverse Yahoo’s turf.To minimize its dependence on Google, Yahoo recently bought search engine specialist Inktomi for $279.5 million. Yahoo intends to incorporate Inktomi’s tools in to its search results by year’s end.Success also has thrust privately-held Google into the crosshairs of Microsoft Corp., which the other day said it would improve its online search prowess.By Michael Liedtke [url=http://www.doudounemonclersoldessite.com/doudoune-moncler-enfant-blouson-rouge-sang-p-320.html]moncler femmes[/url] A 2-cent boost in the price of a postage stamp was approved Tuesday by the independent Postal Rate Commission.Underneath the recommendation, which now visits the Postal Service’s Board of Governors for final action, the price of a first-class stamp will go from 37 cents to 39 cents as well as the postcard rate will rise a penny to 24 cents. The Postal Service requested the growth last April. It is anticipated to go into effect in January.The increase is needed so the post office can create a $3.1 billion escrow payment essential to Congress. A bill that would eliminate that payment and earn other changes in postal operations was authorized by the House but has not yet passed the Senate. The White House has expressed reservations about the bill.The Postal Service had requested a 5.4 % increase in all postage rates, though the rate commission altered a number of the proposals. The matter now extends back to the Board of Governors, which can agree to the commission’s changes or request reconsideration.The rate commission said its decision reduced proposed increases for nonprofit organizations and small local newspapers, but would enhance the post office’s planned charges for mailing books and media materials.Postage rates last increased in June 2002.Rate changes contained in the recommendations:First-class mail, first ounce, up 2 cents to 39 cents.First-class, each additional ounce, up 1 cent to 24 cents.Post card, up 1 cent to 24 cents.Priority Mail, base rate up 20 cents to $4.05.Priority Mail, one pound, up 30 cents to $6.15.Express Mail, 8 ounces, up 75 cents to $14.40.Parcel Post, 2 pounds, up 22 cents to $4.36.Certified mail, up 10 cents to $2.40.Money orders up 5 cents to 95 cents.Weekly news magazine, up 1 cent to 18.5 cents.Household magazine, up 1.5 cents to 28.9 cents.In-county newspaper, down 0.2 cents to five.8 cents.Small nonprofit publication, up 1.4 cents to 28.3 cents.Presorted advertising mail, 2 ounces, up 1.1 cents to 21.4 cents.

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